Security Game

Create long-lasting security reflexes through play and new technologies


Objectives of the Security Game Experience

In small groups, take your coworkers on an engaging security adventure that will:
  • Place them in a real attack scenario
  • Make them actors of their own training to increase the assimilation of knowledge
  • Improve team awareness of security issues
  • Motivate and improve team cohesion (team building)
Virtual Reality for Cybersecurity Awareness Positive Thinking Company

What Does It Solve?

Low Employee Interest and retention

Dynamic and engaging training methods boost employees' interest and understanding

Outdated Security Trainings

Cyber threats' constant evolution calls for ongoing and updated courses and training techniques

Burdensome Security Programs

Fully managed security awareness programs are lighter for your IT team and easier to deliver

Our Security Games

Educate your workforce about today’s cyber threats through role playing and immersion.


Virtual Reality for Cybersecurity Awareness Positive Thinking Company powered by Epekina

Virtual Reality Experience

Escape Game Cybersecurity Awareness Positive Thinking Company

Physical Escape Game

Our Security Game Approach

Each of the proposed experiences addresses one or more of the following themes so that your team is aware of the many current security challenges.

Physical security

Tackle the safety of your premises, the equipment you use and the usual practices that may be at risk

Phishing emails

Understand the workings of these increasingly sophisticated "spams" and the objectives of their creators

Social Engineering

Discover the methods used by hackers, how to identify them and how to protect yourself from them

Portable devices security

Is it ok to check a work email on my mobile phone? How should mobiles, tablets and USB keys be used?

Password security

Learn about bad practices of the past, and new methods to secure your current digital identities

Viruses and their effects

Understand how a virus works and see the impact on your personal data, your documents, or your digital life

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Overview of the Security Game Experience

In small teams, your coworkers go through a three-staged experience:
Security Games Process Positive Thinking Company_Security Quiz

Pre-assess your cybersecurity knowledge!

Fill in a short questionnaire that will allow us to assess the level of your knowledge and compare it against your reflexes after the experience.
Security Games Process by Positive Thinking Company_Virtual Reality

1. Are you aware of the consequences of your daily actions? Powered by Epekina

You are a former employee of a large company. You are in the premises with the aim of recovering as much sensitive information as possible and passing it on to an individual who is seeking to gain a competitive advantage over your company.
Security Games Process by Positive Thinking Company_Escape Game

2.  Step into the shoes of a hacker!

In an escape game-like experience, you and your team have 45 minutes to complete your mission.
Your team can use every imaginable technique to achieve your goals and dupe you interlocutors. They You have to think like a hacker to make them successful. Switch roles: imagine, think, live and play as a hacker!
Security Games Process by Positive Thinking Company_Experience Feedback

3. Let's analyse your experience together

Based on the two previous experiences, we look back at the challenges you faced. We help you analyse and understand the threats you encountered, we go into more detail, and we help you discover the best practices to adopt. We also explain more in-depth the issues that are important to you and the threats specific to your business.
Security Games Process by Positive Thinking Company_10 Security Rules

4. Now, apply the 10 security commandments as if your life depended on it

Armed with your fresh knowledge and a handy 10-security-commandments reminder you are fully ready to identify, respond and report any threatening situation!

Reinforce your awareness programs with

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