Boost your business and transform your B2B experience!



What is the Positive Platform?


The Positive Platform is a solution that we created to support and revolutionize your daily life by digitizing your B2B sales experience and processes.

This collaborative, SaaS based, 100% customizable platform offers a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to share information more efficiently, automate processes internally and externally, and sell your products from the same tool. 

It is aimed at any company wishing to digitize their user experience.


B2B SaaS platform dedicated to sales and collaborative exchange space

Transformation, digitization and optimization of internal and external processes

No human errors or loss thanks to data centralization and automation

A UX / UI approach adapted to the different users for a perfect experience

Tailor-made platform compatible with your existing infrastructure (ERP/ CRM etc.)

Defined and less expensive cost structure in short & long term

The added value of the Positive Platform 




Easily connectable to the CRM, ERP and IS of the market

A user experience that facilitates your exchanges and processes both internally and with your customers

A platform that can be configured according to your expectations and needs

Adaptable and upgradeable


Short- and long-term structural cost reduction

A global billing model: Community-based technology with no hidden  



What we address:

  • Digitization of sales and processes

  • A dedicated customer area

  • Data centralization and automation

  • Optimization of uses and costs

  • A new collaborative experience

  • Enhancing your tool's value

What you get:

A 100% custom-made platform that integrates with all your information systems

  • A platform to boost your sales

  • A dedicated & personnalized space

  • A transformation of your processes

  • A central tool


How we address it:

Analysis and design workshops

Business needs definition

Backlog creation, price estimation and wireframes

Proof of concept

Adapted core product

Agile methodology


Technical and functional architecture

Quick development, tests, and delivery

Tierce Maintenance Applicative

Bug fixes

Coaching for business users 

Evolutions and optimizations

Do you want to digitalize your B2B sales experience and processes?