Virtual Roundtable: How can you deliver & maintain future-proof and secure applications?


In collaboration with Citrix

Webinar Citrix How to deliver secure and future proof applications

About this webinar

Building an application can be quite a long and painful process. If you have been through it, you know this is an understatement.

From delivery to continuous monitoring, a lot of stakeholders are involved, with each their unique challenges and requirements.

How to reconcile the plans of the solution architect with the visibility concerns of the service manager and the security imperatives of the CISO?

This virtual roundtable will shed a light on how you can improve your application delivery process while making sure that every stakeholder is heard and guided properly.

Our experts will recreate the typical scenario of new applications onboarding and discuss best practices every step of the way. Among other things, you will learn how to:

  • Go live faster
  • Gain a continuous security posture
  • Improve capacity planning
  • Get full visibility
  • Increase flexibility
  • Spend less time building the foundations of your application

During this live discussion, we also will go through predictions and trends in 2021 and explore how Citrix’s security features can help you secure your users, applications, and APIs.


  • Happy flow of home-brew application
  • Answers to the challenges of each stakeholder involved: CISO, Dev Team, Solution Architect, DevOps, Service Manager, NetOps + Answers
  • Q&A with our experts

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Our speakers

Koen Warson CTO

Koen Warson

Chief Technology Officer

Positive Thinking Company

Stefan Achten Citrix Managed Services Tem Lead

Stefan Achten

Managed Services Team Lead

Positive Thinking Company

Tijl Van deb Broeck Engineer App Delivery and Security Citrix

Tijl Van den Broeck

Sales Engineer App Delivery & Security