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About this WEBINAR


In a context of digitalization and business model transformation, automation is becoming essential to relieved organizations of time-consuming tasks and increase productivity.

Beyond the automation of digital processes involving RPA, intelligent business management software (iBPMS), and AI, companies must keep the people factor into the equation for a coherent approach. Improving team’s quality of life by making their work meaningful is a key challenge.

If a human process has so much added value that a machine can’t replace it, it doesn’t mean that the process can’t be digitally optimized.

Positive Thinking Company and Olympe have come full circle to connecting traditional automation tools and non-standardized human processes through tailored UI and intelligent data processing apps.

During this event, we will go through automation best practices and we will present a case study where on-site inspectors have been the cornerstone of the solution that Positive Thinking Company and Olympe conjointly developed.


Agenda :

  • Introduction and objectives of this event
  • Vision of Mr Patrick Nicolet (Managing Partner, Line Break Capital, and Chairman of the Board Olympe)
  • Use case of a custom-made automated solution conjointly developed by Olympe and Positive Thinking Company
  • Conclusion and questions-and-answers session


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