Cloud Governance

Setting Cloud guardrails to unleash growth, innovation, and flexibility.


What is Cloud Governance?


Cloud Governance is the ability to provide strategic direction, track performance, allocate resources, and modify services to ensure that you meet your organizational objectives without breaching the parameters of risk tolerance or compliance obligations.

Overview of the Cloud Governance Approach

Cloud Governance enables you to:
  • Control cost and usage
  • Apply security controls and protect against threats
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Use and manage resources efficiently
  • Align your IT governance process across the business
  • Strengthens your DevOps capabilities & practices
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What Does Cloud Governance Solve?

Shadow IT Risks

Detect and govern shadow IT through structured policies to ensure control while facilitating innovation
Cloud Governance Cost Management Complexity

Cost Management Complexity

Avoid “bill shock” by tracking overspending, setting budgets, tracking costs & creating thresholds and alerts Delivery, configuration and maintenance are optimised and carried out by skilled, experienced teams.
Cloud Governance Operations Efficiency

Operations Efficiency

Increase time-to-market by turning traditional approval workflows into automated ones

Security Risks

Ensure security of infrastructure, applications, and data, while controlling its sovereignty and residency
Cloud Governance Compliance Needs

Compliance Needs

Streamline compliance preparation to make sure regulatory industry requirements are met and ensure audit readiness

Our Cloud Governance Services

We can provide an end-to-end cloud governance implementation

Maturity Assessment

Maturity Assessment

Strategy Development Cloud Governance

Strategy Development

Configuration AWS Azure Cloud Governance

Configuration in Azure or AWS Accounts

SLAs Definition Cloud Governance

SLAs Definition

Change Management Cloud Governance

Change Management

Our Cloud Governance Approach

We help you in identifying how to handle governance for these 5 different disciplines: 

Cost Optimization

Cloud Security

Cloud IAM

Infrastructure Standards

Automation & CI/CD

Keep costs and usage under control

Ensure data/infrastructure security and compliance

Manage identity and its sources

Ensure consistent configuration of resources

Create predictable and repeatable environments

Taking the next steps

Assess where you are and where you should be by following this process:


Govern Phase Cloud Governance-1


Citrix Managed Services Positive Thinking Company Steps-01

Review your current status

Scope  out cloud governance plans

Develop cloud governance framework 
Handover & Coaching

Tools we trust

AWS Cloud Governance Azure Cloud Governance Terraform Cloud Governance Kong Cloud Governance Dynatrace Cloud Governance Cloud Guard Dome 9 Check Point Cloud Governance Kubernetes Cloud Governance Azure DevOps Cloud Governance Gitlab Cloud Governance Keptn Cloud Governance

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