Xpand Config Analyzer


Xpand Config Analyzer is a web application to enable Citrix ADC (Netscaler) admins to enhance the implementation and configuration changes on a NetScaler environment. It's main goal is to empower the community of Citrix ADC administrators and consultants, and eventually save precious time.



Loading and filtering config files is easy. Just drag and drop - or use the upload button - to load a config file. X-Config will automatically load in all application dependencies and colors different syntax and objects to make it easy to understand the config hierarchy. By using the filter options, you can extract application logic.


Save - Share - Export

Until you Save a configuration, nothing is stored outside your browser. Optionally a config file can be uploaded, tagged and saved into a personal vault. Saved configurations can be exported or copy-pasted to immediately apply on a running ADC (Netscaler) instance.



We are looking for user feedback to help shape the roadmap, don't hesitate to open a ticket with your feature requests. A glimpse into our roadmap for now: Organize your configs into teams, creating code snippets based on templates. 

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