Case Study:

A closer look at the

implementation of a BI Strategy.


Case Study BI cover-1

Key insights:

  • 30 days from initial kick-off to validating the roadmap and the project portfolio
  • Worshops approach with Business and IT stakeholders
  • Complete data-centric strategy
  • Implementation of an effective Data Governance initiative
  • Effective results (like a 50% time saving and up to a 60% cost optimization)

Why reading this BI Case Study?

Our client is a European group, specialized in social and wealth protection. At that time, they did not have a BI system worthy of the name, and they realized that they needed to implement one in order to take control over their data and ensure the proper delivery of business reporting.

Convinced that a project of this scale can be very constraining for a company of our client's size, we opted for an agile approach: defining a BI strategy allowing to build a portfolio of projects fully adapted to its needs.

Download this Business Intelligence case study to explore the details of our approach, the fields of action that have been covered and the results observed by our client.

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  1. Context of our client and approach proposed
  2. Conduct of the workshops
  3. Synthesis of the strenghts and weaknesses
  4. Synthesis of the challenges
  5. Project portfoilio
  6. Fields of action (Securing the Core Model, Implementing the Data Governance and Modernizing the layers of the BI system)
  7. Effective and expected results