Many companies understand what AI can deliver and therefore jump directly into the realization of use cases.

Rather than doing PoCs, their degree of maturity can be greatly increased by considering all fields of action in AI strategy.

  • Assess the 5 dimensions of the AI journey
  • Know your AI potential
  • Build your own AI strategy
  • Lay the foundation for concrete decisions

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Organizations are facing the following bottlenecks:

Considering what we observe in the market.

Strategy icon-1

Lack of strategy and knowledge

Processes icon

Poorly defined process design

Infrastructure icon-1

Frozen technical architecture

Organization icon

Absence of global and clear organization

Use cases icon-1

Failure in use case implementation

First understand what you want to do.

Then build your own AI strategy.

We fill the gap between a high-level digitization strategy and the daily business with a comprehensive analysis.

Through customized questionnaires, we give a realistic assessment of every organization-specific potential based on their current state.

Get a common understanding of the situation

with our AI Maturity Check

AI Maturity Report-1

AI Maturity Report

Gathered ideas

Gathered ideas

Roadmap methodology

Methodology to draw a roadmap

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"AI success is all about alignment and
getting a clear vision."

Caroline Kleist Head of Data Science and AI Positive Thinking Company
Caroline Kleist
Head of Data Science | Positive Thinking Company

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